About Our REST API

Connect your organisation's systems to SN@P

The SNAP team are pleased to announce we have created a REST API, this will allow our customers’ systems to interact directly with SNAP. An API allows two IT systems to communicate over a secure channel. Our API is secured with the industry standard, OAuth2. Oauth2 is used by Google and Facebook, it ensures that access to the API can be restricted to authorised parties only.

An example use of our API would be to allow SNAP exam results to be updated in a customer’s system. Once a student/staff member had completed an assessment, it could automatically sync to the external system.

Information can be transmitted both ways. For example, if a student’s surname changed, it could be updated internally in the organisation and the change could be automatically pushed to the SNAP API. An API can remove the need for maintaining 2 separates lists of students/staff.

Systems can sync with the SNAP API in real-time or periodically depending on the requirements of the organisation.

Examples of systems that can integrate with the SNAP API:

  • University student management systems
  • Trust staff management systems (Note: ESR does not allow API connections)
  • Any web-based application (e.g. Moodle)

Please note: development work would be required by the customer’s IT team to integrate their system.

Detailed API documentation is available on request, our documentation is compiled to OpenAPI (Swagger) standards.