Interactive Learning

Online discussions with subject matter experts tailored to your learning needs

Access our interactive learning resources to further contextualise your skill building activity. The SN@P equipment based questions helps to visualise your learning through allowing you to identify and utilise the most appropriate equipment used in practice when administering medication to patients. Try our online syringe and plunger resource to draw up the correct dose of medication or make use of our tablet and container feature to carry out the administration process and support your clinical numeracy skills.

We have developed two types of interactive questions:

An interactive syringe

  • The syringe can be drawn back using a mouse drag (or finger press on mobile/tablet)
  • The volume shown on screen updates as you slide
  • Option to copy the volume shown to the answer field


A tablet dispenser

  • Tablets can be dragged and dropped into a container using a mouse click (or finger press on mobile/tablet)
  • The number of tablets updates as you drop tablets in the container
  • Option to copy the number of tablets to the answer field