Undergraduate Healthcare Tutorial package


At SN@P, we aim to support all new and registered students who have access to the numeracy and literacy resources available. In addition to the online, anytime anywhere access assessment and learning resources, SN@P have launched a tutorial package which offers groups of students live subject expert lead theory, question and answer sessions to support confidence and competence from Year 1 to Year 3 with regards to clinical numeracy and academic/critical writing.

Logistics Of Offer

New and existing partner Higher Education Institutes are able to embed the SN@P tutorial package within their programme by way of supporting their students from Y1 to Y3 with numeracy and literacy. The SN@P tutorial package includes:

  • Offering Y1 students with access to a numeracy and literacy diagnostic assessment
  • - Content of diagnostic assessments are tailored to topics required for Undergraduate Healthcare Programmes
  • Providing Y1 students with sessions tailored to strengths and weaknesses based on the results of their diagnostic assessments
  • Offering students with numeracy and literacy sessions in Y2 and Y3 by way of offering building blocks for their learning throughout their UG programme

Student Benefits

SN@P support UG Healthcare students through providing access to field and level specific assessment and learning resources, however, the SN@P tutorial package can further engage students who have access to SN@P and deliver:

  • Focused learning sessions to student groups of no more than 15 in each group to ensure there is opportunity for Q&A
  • Teaching tailored to topics relevant to Y1-Y3 Undergraduate Healthcare programmes and year-end summative assessments
  • Tools and techniques to build confidence and competence with clinical numeracy and literacy required for successful completion of UG Healthcare programmes and safe practice as a Registered Healthcare Professional.

Academic Benefits

The SN@P tutorial package offers academic staff

  • Additional resources to support students with numeracy and literacy competence
  • Diagnostic data captured by assessment and subject expert feedback
  • Further support with year-end assessment pass rates
  • A resource to compliment the use of SN@P within their programme of study

For further information regarding the SN@P tutorial package or to request a pilot within your programme, please contact info@snap-ae.com

Tutorials For Registered Learners

Live tutorials in our virtual classroom

These are ideal for you if:

  • you are a bit stuck on a particular maths subject (fractions for example!);
  • have a bit of a fear of numbers;
  • you just need a little extra help to fully understand something; or
  • you learn better in a more interactive environment!

SN@P online tutorials offer access to our experienced team of numeracy and literacy experts.

Group tutorials

  • You can book onto a group tutorial. Search through our list of sessions time and dates here.
    • Ratio and Probability
    • Decimals Fractions and Percentages
    • Basic Skills
    • Preparing for assessments
    • Practical numeracy
  • If your SN@P access is via a University, you can ask your lecturer to arrange a group tutorial (but please bear in mind there may be an extra cost to the university for providing this support to you).

Individual tutorials

  • A 1:1 session will give you undivided attention to help develop your numeracy or literacy skills.
  • We provide an option to start with individual assessments before the session so that the tutor can fully understand your strengths and weaknesses, then tailor the session to help you get the most out of it. Or tell us what you would like to work on.
  • This session could be one of the best investments you will ever make:
I would like to say thank you for allowing me to have the tutor session and for all the help that your team gave me during this stressful time. I am very appreciative of this and this was extremely helpful to my learning. I passed the exam with 96% and this was down to the support and guidance that Siobhan the tutor gave me and the guidance SN@P gave when using the tailored assessments.

- 3rd Year nursing student who had failed the numeracy module twice