E-tutorials For Registered Learners

Online discussions with subject matter experts tailored to your learning needs

Accessing online numerical resources can present gaps in knowledge which can then lead to fears building in relation to numeracy and drug calculations. Access one of the SN@P tutorials and discuss your queries, fears or knowledge gaps with one of our live subject matter experts.

One to one or group tutorials are available on a monthly basis and can be accessed via your SN@P account. Overall benefits include

  • Helping to plug knowledge gaps in general and clinical numeracy
  • Support preparation towards end of year clinical numeracy assessments
  • Provide expert skills ahead of pre-admission assessments to Higher Education
  • Provide insight into the level and contest of numeracy required to work / study in Healthcare

    Online E-Tutorials


    This service offers online tutorials with subject matter experts to allow learners and professionals to discuss any numerical queries and become better prepared for assessment and numerically confident within their profession