Supporting Universities Across The UK

Supporting UK wide aspiring and existing applicants, students and apprentices within Higher/Further & Technical Education Institutes

SN@P Assessment & Education work in partnership with National education & training providers to help reduce academic workload and further support learners. Key areas include:

    Applicants to Higher Education Healthcare related programmes

    • SN@P Assessment - Prepare for Higher Education interviews through creating assessments with performance related feedback tailored to the level and context of pre-entry numerical assessments to Higher Education Healthcare related programmes.
    • SN@P Education - Access a range of online interactive resources to support preparation for pre-entry assessments and to acquire insight into the level and context of numeracy required to study and work in Health, as well as support available for existing HE learners.

    Higher Education Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmacy or Medical Degrees

    • SN@P Assessment - Create assessments tailored to the level and context of numeracy required to study and work within the Health industry as well as preparing for numeracy assessments within programme modules. Identify strengths and weaknesses through completing assessments within the security of a registered personal SN@P Account and running reports to monitor progress.
    • SN@P Education - Gain insight into how numeracy is applied within a chosen field as well using the online resources to support exam and pre-employment preparation

    FE & Technical College Access to Higher Education Healthcare Courses

    • SN@P Assessment - Supporting existing teaching sessions delivered within Colleges or Academies through brushing up on numeracy skills relevant and necessary for chosen career paths. Overcome numerical fears through seeing numerical scenario's put in to the context of the learner's chosen Industry and confirm readiness to progress.
    • SN@P Education - Anytime anywhere support offered by an interactive online platform to support learning within study programmes and preparation for pre-course assessments and interviews.

    Trainees and apprentices preparing for initial & end point functional skills assessments, Higher Education programmes and future employment within the Health Industry

    • SN@P Assessment - Practice with numerical scenario's relevant to topics seen within initial and end point functional skills assessments, but tailored to focus your learning on how the numeracy is applied in the context of your chosen field. Provide feedback to apprenticeship employers of how their learners are progressing with regards to numeracy required for the profession.
    • SN@P Education - Reducing the amount of time apprentices need to be away from their post and 'on the job' learning through providing them with access to a range of online numerical support relevant to the Industry of their apprenticeship and accessible anytime anywhere. Resources are geared towards functional skills exam preparation and future education or employment within their Industry

    Adults and Young People at the point of making career related decisions

    • SN@P Assessment - Take initial assessments of numeracy in the context of the profession you aspire to be in. Identify key areas of strengths and weaknesses to establish how you may overcome numerical obstacles to gain entry into your chosen field.
    • SN@P Education - Gain insight into the level and context of numeracy required to study and work within the Healthcare profession. Utilise the online resources to identify core skills required and to help make informed decisions before proceeding.