New Features & Functionality

Q2 - 2022

(1st Apr 2021 - 30th Jun 2021)

Cyber Essentials
We are pleased to announce that Sn@p and the HE-Cooperative are now Cyber Essentials certified. Cyber Essentials is a government backed schemed that ensures companies adhere to the best security practices, with the aim of preventing cyber-attacks.

  • Custom pre-entry exam page now available for universities

Q1 - 2022

(1st Jan 2022 - 31st Mar 2022)

  • Invigilation centre improvements and optimisations
  • Multi exam export feature
  • New feature to allow reading time on an exam

Q4 - 2021

(1st Oct 2021 - 31st Dec 2021)

Kardex & Image Hotspot Questions
We have added two exciting new question types:
  • Kardex questions: a question that tests a learner's knowledge of prescription charts
  • Image hotspot questions: a learner must select the correct part of an image
Accessibility - High Contrast (WCAG 2.0)
We have developed a high contrast version of SN@P to provide a better online experience for all SN@P users. All pages have been developed to adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) guidelines.
You will find this new option in your SN@P profile.
Pen Test
We had a pen test completed in December 2021 to ensure the system is secure and operating to best practices.

Q3 - 2021

(1st Jul 2021 - 30th Sep 2021)

Single Sign On
  • Users of other HE-Coop platforms, such as the NMP Zone and the Health VLE, can now access these systems directly from Snap, removing the need to sign into each system separately.

Q2 - 2021

(1st Apr 2021 - 30th Jun 2021)

Exam Settings
  • Questions can be assigned a different number of marks by an exam creator. This allows a different score weighting to be attached to each question. The auto marking feature will take care of marking the exam accordingly.
  • A learner's allocated time for an exam can now be extended mid-exam.
  • System performance improvement: we moved most of our images and javascript files to a content delivery network (CDN).

Q1 - 2021

(1st Jan 2021 - 31st Mar 2021)

Snap Invigilation Centre
  • Increased capacity to allow universities to run larger invigilated exams
  • New chat feature to allow invigilators to discuss and log exam issues during an invigilation session.
  • Updated to allow invigilation of exams hosted on 3rd party systems (e.g. Blackboard)
NMP Course
  • We have developed an NMP revalidation numeracy course

Q4 - 2020

(1st Oct 2020 - 31st Dec 2020)

New features added to the Snap Invigilation Centre
  • Chat featured added to the invigilation centre, this allows an invigilator and a learner to discuss any issues.
  • Auto recording of invigilation sessions, invigilation sessions can be reviewed by an invigilator on request.
  • New demo page to allow learners and invigilators to test their laptop and smartphone capabilities in advance of an invigilation session.

Q3 - 2020

(1st Jul 2020 - 30th Sep 2020)

Beta release of the Snap Invigilation Centre
  • Allow Snap exams to be monitored remotely.
  • Learners' screens are recorded along with video and audio from their smartphone.
  • Invigilators can see and speak to learners throughout the exam.
  • For more information on the Snap Invigilation Centre please click here

Q2 - 2020

(1st Apr 2020 - 30th Jun 2020)

Multiple custom question banks:
  • customers can now add questions to different custom question banks and specify who can use those questions e.g. for summative assessments only, mock assessments only, for learner practice assessments, or any combination of those options.
  • The banks can be named to suit their use for example Formal Exam Questions and Mock Exam Questions. Or Midwifery Questions and Adult Nursing Questions. Contact us to discuss setting up custom question banks within your organisation.
Feedback feature now available for all administrators:
  • The SNAP team are always working hard to improve the system for our users and add new functionality. We would like to encourage all administrators to help us direct our efforts by letting us know what they think about different aspects of the system using our new feedback feature. Administrators can submit feedback from their dashboard at any time, and can anonymise feedback if preferred.
  • The feedback feature is also available when adding questions to an exam so please let us know about any issues you identify with particular questions or types of questions.
  • All feedback provided will improve understanding of our customers and help inform current and future developments.

Q1 - 2020

(1st Jan 2020 - 31st Mar 2020)

Exam retakes using different questions
  • for those using the SNAP 'auto-assign' feature when adding questions to an exam, you can now specify that any retake of the exam should use different questions to the original. Questions are selected by the system to match the level/category etc. selected for the original.
  • To make use of this feature an exam would need to be set to allow more than one attempt. If you have manually selected questions for your exam we do not recommend using this feature as you will not have the same level of control over the questions assigned to your resit.
Mouse tracking during assessments
  • to give an additional layer of reassurance when invigilating remote assessments. The system records whereabouts on screen the mouse cursor is every second and displays a notification if a learner leaves the active window where the SNAP assessment is running.

Q4 - 2019

(1st Oct 2019 - 31st Dec 2019)

Nursing Revalidation course
  • an exciting new development for SNAP as we work towards hosting our first online course on the platform. The course will be accredited by the NMC and will contribute towards the CPD requirements for a Registered Nurse in line with NMC regulations.
  • We hope to have the course available through the SNAP website in the first half of 2020 so keep an eye on the homepage.
New 'superuser' option
  • a superuser within an organisation can view all exams and all staff & learners accounts. If you need to nominate a superuser for your organisation please get in touch.
Re-open an assessment and display results
  • to support customers where learners are given the opportunity to improve an assessment result. When an assessment is reopened the learner is shown which questions they answered correctly/incorrectly so they can attempt to answer certain questions again.

Q3 - 2019

(1st Jul 2019 - 30th Sep 2019)

REST API created
  • our REST API allows customer systems to interact directly with SNAP. Example uses would be to allow SNAP exam results to be updated in a customer system, or to reflect any changes to a student record (e.g surname) to be pushed to SNAP
  • More information is available here:
API documentation created
  • our API documentation is now available, compiled to OpenAPI (Swagger) standards the documentation is available on request.
New registration options added
  • to support changes to the way we manage licences within SNAP our new registration options provide greater visibility and control over who is linked to the organisational licences we sell. Under the new system the options for registration of learner accounts are:
    • Individual registration disabled - learner accounts to be created by the SNAP admin team. This is the recommended option for universities - we can create your learner accounts as we set up the licence for each new cohort of students.
    • Registration by QR code or url - admins within an organisation have access to a QR code and url which can be distributed to any learner who needs to have access to the system. This option ensures learner accounts are linked to the correct licence but reduces the admin overhead associated with account creation as learners create their own accounts.
    • Registration by email domain - learners within an organisation can create their own account as long as their email domain (the part of the email address after the ‘@’ symbol) matches the value set in the system. Again ensures learner accounts are linked to the correct licence while reducing the admin overhead. Please note we can only specify one learner email domain and one admin email domain per organisation so this option will not work where a number of different email address formats are in use.
  • Trial exams added to homepage - three profession specific trial exams have been added to the SNAP homepage, designed to give learners a better understanding of the system. The exams cover Nursing, Midwifery and NMP and can be accessed from the homepage here: Home

Q2 - 2019

(1st Apr 2019 - 30th Jun 2019)

Interactive equipment questions added
  • we have added two types of interactive question to SNAP:
  • An interactive syringe can be drawn back by the learner using a mouse drag (or finger press on mobile/tablet). The volume shown on screen updates and once the learner is happy with the volume of liquid in the syringe they can copy that volume to the answer field: syringe_image
  • In the interactive tablet dispenser tablets can be dragged and dropped into the container. Once the learner is happy with the number of tables to be administered they can copy that number to the answer: tablet_image
NMP certificate added
  • aimed at NMP practitioners this free 15 minute assessment is designed to help practitioners self-test their numeracy skills. The assessment can be accessed here:

Q1 - 2019

(1st Jan 2019 - 31st Mar 2019)

Snap ticket system improvements
  • we built an integrated support ticket system in SNAP, it gives us ready access to more context and information for each ticket which in turn helps us give a faster, better response.
Interactive Knowledge Base
  • a first port of call for any questions or queries you can find the knowledge base here: We aim to keep growing and improving the knowledge base over time and feel free to let us know about anything you think should be included.

Q4 - 2018

(1st Oct 2018 - 31st Dec 2018)

Pre-loaded exams for learner dashboards
  • to make life easier for our learners we have made a range of exams available straight from the dashboard (36 exams initially, across a variety of different fields as shown below): preloaded-exams
  • Learners can also create their own assessments (as many as they like, whenever they need them) as described here:
New page for NMP pre-entry
  • to support universities offering NMP qualifications across north west England this page guides applicants through the NMP Pre-Entry Assessment process and notifies both the applicant and their NMP Lead once the assessment is completed.
PDF certificates
  • these are now available to learners attaining the pass mark for a summative exam. Certificates can be downloaded using the button in the 'Result' column, as shown below: pdf-cert
  • Administrators determine as they create an exam whether or not their name (the administrator's name, not the learner) should appear on the certificate using the following setting: cert2
Tutorial options added to payment system
  • following on from the introduction of the paywall (read more here) both 1-to-1 and group tutorials are now available to purchase from any learner dashboard. Once a learner purchases a tutorial they will be contacted to discuss the tutorial content and to arrange a suitable date and time: tutorials
Custom question bank option added for all HEIs
  • the Custom Question Bank feature allows all customer organisations to host their own questions within SNAP. Questions in a custom bank are only available to the organisation that added them, so are ideal for hosting your own assessments. You can add your own questions or we can help you do this - get in touch with us to find out more.