Supporting Revalidation and Return To Practice

Helping midwives and nurses

Revalidation & SN@P

SN@P resources and assessments can be used towards Nurse Revalidation CPD evidence and participatory learning:

  • Take a baseline assessment: see where your strengths are, and perhaps what you could do with a little practice on
  • Practice your drug dose calculation skills
  • Access video tutorials and extensive numeracy resources with specific sections for: Nurses, midwives, pharmacists and NMPs
  • Download a completion certificate to evidence your CPD hours

This resource was commissioned by Health Education England so is made available to you at a discounted rate. Developed by a group of universities* SN@P provides one of the most extensive numeracy based healthcare tailored to your profession.

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* Universities of Bolton, Cumbria, Chester, UCLAN and Salford.

Return to Practice Training course

Certificate in Clinical Numeracy for Drug Calculations and Medicines Management (Level 2)

Experienced healthcare professionals re-entering the profession have much to offer patients, employers and society. There is a range of support offered by Health Education England, including a full Return to Practice Programme to help equip returners with the right skills and up to date knowledge.

Working with Health Education England Sn@p has developed a tailored online course which covers all aspects of numeracy and provides registered staff with a certificate in Clinical Numeracy for Drug Calculations and Medicines Management at numeracy Level 2.

This course consists of 8, thirty-minute modules and will give 4-5 hours of CPD towards revalidation, as well as supporting healthcare professionals returning to practice who wish to improve confidence and competence in their numeracy within a healthcare context.

Progress throughout the course will be saved automatically and is available across any mobile device, so you can dip in and out and fit the course around your availability.

Each modules provides introductory theory, a video to watch, examples and reflective tasks as well as an assessment (don't worry, you’ll have the opportunity to practice!).

Module Overview

Module 1: Drug Calculation Overview

  • Refresh existing skills across the broad spectrum of drug calculations
  • Gain insight into common mistakes made when calculating drug doses
  • Develop an understanding of how numerical calculations can be applied across all fields of medicine administration

Module 2: Abbreviations, Units and Unit Conversions

  • Gain up to date knowledge of abbreviations used when dealing with medicines and medicine administration
  • Refresh and develop skills of calculating doses using abbreviations and having to convert units
  • Update knowledge with the correct use of abbreviations in line with current practice

Module 3: Calculating Dosage

  • Refresh day to day skills required when calculating doses across all Nursing fields
  • Gain insight into common mistakes and errors which can occur when dealing with medicine administration
  • Update skills on methodologies involved in calculating drug dosages and key numeracy skills required

Module 4: Administering the correct dose

  • Gain a thorough understanding of steps involved to calculate the correct dose
  • Develop knowledge around factors contributing to calculating the correct dose including numeracy, clinical checks
  • Gain insight into the impact of calculating drug doses on patient safety

Module 5: Infusion Calculations

  • Refresh skills required to set up and administer intravenous medicine
  • Gain insight into common mistakes made when setting up and administering IV medication
  • Develop knowledge surrounding the various types of IV administration, including drip rate, infusion, injection

Module 6: Multiple Step Calculations

  • Develop skills regarding steps required to calculate the correct dose
  • Gain insight into medication requiring multiple step calculations
  • Refresh knowledge of checks required to ensure each step has been accurately calculated

Module 7: Adult liquid dose calculations

  • Develop knowledge around common mistakes made when administering adult liquid doses
  • Refresh skills on various routes to administer adult liquid doses
  • Gain insight into numerical skills required to calculate liquid doses

Module 8: Paediatric dosing oral medication

  • Develop knowledge around key differences when calculating paediatric drug doses
  • Refresh skills required when calculating child medicine administration
  • Update knowledge on specific numeracy methodologies required when calculating child doses

How to access the course

For further information regarding the SN@P Return to Practice course, please contact