Online Exam Invigilation

We have developed an exam invigilation tool that can be used alongside the assessments on Sn@p – providing a much higher level of confidence that users have completed an assessments unaided. It is currently being used to provide numeracy and pharmacology assessments for NMP students, but has the potential for much wider application.

The tool works by streaming a profile image of the individual, their hands, face and keyboard actions, as well as tracking activity on their browser and mouse movements. Combined these serve to provide confidence that an individual has been unaided. We can prove if the individual moves off the assessment screen and can also see what actions an individuals’ hands are taking 100% of the time. There is also a recording of every student.

Sn@p's virtual assessment tool can be used for any subject for multiple choice or numeric assessments and can be marked automatically. Open fields can be accessed for tutor marking.

This solution does not require the purchase of additional expensive tracking software.

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Read a case study

University of Cumbria Exam Invigilation Case Study

The University of Cumbria used the HE Co-ops Invigilated Assessment tool for three numeracy re-sits in May 2020.

When first approached the Programme Lead, Claire Callaghan, was a little apprehensive as this was a new way of conducting the students' assessment.

Given the unprecedented times, and lack of alternative viable options, the University of Cumbria decided to go ahead with the pilot for the 3 NMP numeracy re-sits.

Initial support and set-up

Each of the students were invited to participate in the pilot and were subsequently provided with information about the assessment. They were asked to complete an online form which took them through the process, sought confirmation they had everything in place, outlined the rules, provided the option of booking into a conference call test and provided authorisation to record the session. All students went into the assessment fully prepared which meant there were no surprises or access issues on the day.

At the start of the assessment all students were able to undertake a 360 degree sweep of the room, then position their cameras appropriately to enable the streaming of a live image.

The examination

The Programme Lead provided the assessment questions and answers which were uploaded onto our system, then released in line with the assessment time. Students were asked to click on the link after the invigilation instructions were read out.

Feedback from the Lecturer

"This was a really effective way of conducting the resits. The HE Co-op team put a lot of preparation in to make sure that the assessment ran smoothly throughout. I was able to see all of the students at all times and was able to speak to them independently if they raised their hand. I felt very confident that they had completed the assessments unaided. A key benefit was that the system automatically marked the assessments and I was able to release the results and let the students know they had passed immediately. I've recommended that this approach be considered for use for undergraduate nursing numeracy assessments and for the longer pharmacology assessments."

Claire Callaghan, [former] NMP Programme Lead (University of Cumbria)

Feedback from the Students

Overwhelmingly the students gave positive feedback about not having to travel to university and take the assessment and were also very positive about the process.

"So last Monday I undertook a numeracy exam in conjunction with Cumbria University using SN@P and wanted to provide some feedback.
Firstly, having access to a suite of practice and revision questions was invaluable as was being afforded the opportunity to become familiar with the environment prior to undertaking the exam.
Having the opportunity to review my answers prior to submitting on a different screen allowed me to spot a mistake which would have made the difference between a pass and a fail.
Being able to carry out the exam at home meant not having to travel 90 minutes to university for a half hour exam and then back again.
Overall this has been a very positive experience and I’m thankful for the opportunity. I’m happy for you to share this feedback and use my name accordingly."

Matt C FdSc MCPara

"Can I just start by saying how grateful I am of being able to do this in the comfort of my own home. With it only being a 30 minute exam – initially planned to be undertaken at the Lancaster Campus, this saved me a great amount of time and money saving the travel expense.
I would definitely consider this type of examination in the future if it was an option, especially when many of the courses being distance learning based."

Student 2

"The opportunity to complete the assessment via video link was greatly appreciated, I am aware that the staff involved worked tirelessly to enable this to happen.
The process overall was easy to follow, even for a slight technophobe like myself, adequate opportunity was afforded to ensure that the system worked prior to the exam which made me feel comfortable and confident that I would be able to access the link at the appropriate moment.
If offered this option in the future I would definitely use it, it saves time and fuel and could give greater access to some students."

Student 3