Midwifery - Drug Calculations

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We work closely with midwives and midwifery students to improve a range of antenatal, intrapartum, neonatal and related numeracy skills. Whether you need to polish up your infusion rate calculations, your dosage calculations or just refresh your unit conversions, our range of questions and videos will help you improve your midwifery numeracy calculations.
Some of the benefits SN@P can offer midwifery professionals and students:

  • Hundreds of questions tailored to the midwifery clinical environment
  • Dosage calculations
  • Unit Conversions
  • Midwifery Scenario Questions
  • Create custom exams
  • IV Therapy Calculations
  • IV Drip Rate Calculations
  • NMC Revalidation Course (Coming soon)

SN@P works closely with dozens of universities, NHS trusts, CCGs and private/voluntary sector organisations.

If you employer does not have a SN@P organisation license, you can purchase a personal SN@P license, which will give you access to all of the resources available in SN@P

Purchase A SN@P License

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