SN@P Response To Covid-19


Being a healthcare tailored resource, many of our SN@P customers and users are facing unprecedented challenges. Our aim is to help you as much as feasibly possible by:

  • Offering additional support to help you set up and deliver virtual assessments, setting up your own question banks, etc
  • Developing online invigilated assessments to help achieve levels of robustness required by awarding bodies (any subject – not just numeracy)
  • Extending our virtual classroom booking features
  • Creating a new numeracy refresher for anyone returning to practice

Extra Help is on Hand

We are offering 1:1 sessions with our system administrators to help you get the most out of SN@P. Examples of how we may be able to help you:

  • Setting up online numeracy assessments
  • Scheduling the release of results
  • Uploading your own questions into a custom question bank

We'll start by asking you what you would like to do, then either show you how, or do it for you.
Book a 1:1 session by emailing

Virtual Invigilation

We have developed an exam invigilation tool that can be used alongside the assessments on Sn@p – providing a much higher level of confidence that users have completed the assessments unaided.

The tool streams a profile image of the individual, their hand and keyboard actions, as well as tracking activity on their browser and mouse movements. Combined these serve to provide confidence that an individual has been unaided. We can prove if the individual moves off the assessment screen and can see what actions an individuals' hands are taking 100% of the time.

"Last Monday I undertook a numeracy exam in conjunction with Cumbria University using SN@P and wanted to provide some feedback.
Firstly, having access to a suite of practice and revision questions was invaluable as was being afforded the opportunity to become familiar with the environment prior to undertaking the exam.
Having the opportunity to review my answers prior to submitting on a different screen allowed me to spot a mistake which would have made the difference between a pass and a fail.
Being able to carry out the exam at home meant not having to travel 90 minutes to university for a half hour exam and then back again.
Overall this has been a very positive experience and I'm thankful for the opportunity."
Matt Curtis-Holloway FdSc MCPara

Sn@p's virtual assessment tool can be used for any subject for multiple choice or numeric assessments that can be marked automatically. Open fields can be accessed for tutor marking.

This solution does not require the purchase of additional expensive tracking software.

To find out more email:

Virtual Classroom

Sn@p's virtual classroom offers a facility to plan, organise and communicate tutorials in a time efficient and co-ordinated way. The booking management system takes the hassle out of multiple virtual classrooms for significant numbers of students.

Traditional Skype Method Example Sn@p Virtual Classroom
Tutor sets up a skype meeting.
Sends out link to all students.
Not all students have business skype so there may be issues downloading app.
Tutor sends out an email reminding students of virtual tutorial.
Student has to find the link in an email to log-in.

Sending out links to multiple sessions to multiple cohorts can easily get messy.
Tutor sends through a spreadsheet of students to access the tutorial.
Students receive a log-in which also gives them access to sn@p numeracy resources.
Student can see on their dashboard which courses they are booked on.
Student receives automated reminders.
Students can undertake assessments set in the same window.

Tutor only has to provide a list of students and specify session times once. The system co-ordinates all notifications.

Sn@p can provide a live numeracy tutorial for groups of students. Or you can use your own tutor and just access the tutorial booking features.

To find out more information about virtual classroom functions email:

Numeracy Refresher course

A new numeracy refresher course is now available for anyone returning to a healthcare profession.

There are 9 modules to sequentially work through including:

  • Drug Calculations Overview
  • Abbreviations, Units and Conversions
  • Calculating Dosage
  • Administering the correct Dosage
  • Infusion Calculations
  • Drip Rate Calculations
  • Multiple Step Calculations
  • Adult Liquid Dosage Calculations
  • Paediatric Dosing Oral Medication

A test is available at the end of each section. Upon successful completion a certificate will be awarded.
We are currently piloting this course in London North West Hospital Trust and Liverpool Royal. We aim to offer the course free of charge to all Trusts to help support the return of workers to the NHS to help fight the Covid-19.

To access a free login to the course email:


The Health and Education Co-operative aims to support HEIs and Trusts in the Healthcare sector. During this period, we have focused our efforts on evolving products that we feel will make a difference. We are able to move at pace with access to a talented development team, and links into academic expertise through our member Universities. If you have a challenge you think we may be able to help with, then please get in touch.

Health and Education Co-operative Manager:
(Tel) 07703130393